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Letter: Attacks on Trump increase; Ukraine is another example

President Trump has been investigated “six ways to Sunday” just like Chuck Schumer stated he would. Right from the beginning and in fact, before he even announced his run for president. Every single allegation they’ve thrown at him has come up dust bunnies.

From his doctor having to explain he is mentally fit, to Stormy Daniels and all the rest of it. Russia didn’t work so now they point to Ukraine. Let’s get started.

First how many people know there’s a mutual agreement signed in 1998 to assist in exposing corruption? There is. Look it up. Who signed this? The then-President Bill Clinton. President Trump played within that agreement, as this is just another way the Democrats have been exposed.

How you ask?

Joe Biden. His son has zero, repeat zero experience in the energy industry, but is hired by a Ukraine energy company for huge money.

This is a matter of record. A Ukraine investigator (per the agreement) is closing in on this (not to mention China). So President Barack Obama allows Vice President Biden to offer Ukraine one billion dollars to fire that investigator. They did. Biden was so smug that he bragged about it. Simply YouTube this. The Democrats say well, he didn’t mean it. It’s there for all to see. Biden is the one (with Obama’s blessing) that violated quid pro quo, and it’s easy as pie to see this conclusion. They know they (Democrats) can’t beat him so impeach him. That too will not work.

Attorney General William Barr is closing in on this, and it won’t be pretty for them come election time 2020.

Bruce Cranston

North Tonawanda

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