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Letter: Trump pushes his luck on emoluments clause

President Trump favors lobbyists or anyone or industry that enriches himself or his properties.

Trump as commander-in-chief has used the military to apportion funds to have transport supply troops to stop for refueling of planes and have the crew stay at his money-losing golf course in Scotland. The cost of those refueling stops was $11 million more than would have been spent at our European bases. The crew had to pay more for lodging and food.

Money for military families’ schooling and housing was diverted to build the southern border wall. Trump’s promise that the Mexicans would pay for the wall was false.

Foreign government representatives stay at Trump’s properties or hotels. This should be against the U.S. Constitution that forbids gifts from foreign nations.

The lobbyists profit from Trump’s elimination of curbs on water and air pollution, oil exploration in the Arctic, use of parklands protection of endangered species and rules against Wall Street excesses that were done during the (Barack) Obama term in office.

Trump’s control of Mitch McConnell and the Senate’s inability to pass any laws that would benefit all Americans is a favorable condition for Republicans that want contributions to their campaigns from wealthy business firms.

Kathleen Warren


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