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Details, details: Yes, they really matter in a room

Last week we asked members of the Interior Design Association of Western New York to share their favorite decorating tips. This week we tracked down three other members and asked them this:

What are some details that really make a difference in pulling together a room?

Here are their responses:

Michelle Peller White, Chochkey's.

"I have always believed that accessories and details added to any space is like adding jewelry to your outfit. There are so many ways to add detail to a space; the finishing touches make the space," said White, via email.

First, think trims: "I love using fabrics complemented with trims for window treatments and pillows," she said.

Next, think textures: "I have a passion for texture and layering items, using beautiful rich color and items that make the homeowners happy. It might be a family heirloom, a piece of art or a trinket picked up on a trip.

"Texture can be added using natural materials such as a small plant, a natural crystal, a piece of driftwood or a fabulous piece of beach glass found on a trip to the local beach," she said.

Michelle Peller White's living room includes trimmed pillows, bookcases with "layered" accessories and a coffee table topped with favorite items.  (Photo courtesy Michelle Peller White).

"Another thing I encourage my clients to do is layer accessories. For example on bookshelves, lay books on their side and add a decorative object on top of them, add items over items or behind pieces like a small mirror or a piece of art.

"Have fun with color in the details, don’t be afraid to play with your accessories, move them around till your eye is happy with your design," she said.

Janet Wetter, semi-retired interior designer

Fresh hydrangeas from Janet Wetter's garden. (Photo courtesy Janet Wetter)

"Always treat yourself to fresh flowers! Even the most beautiful room is enhanced by them, whether cut from your garden or purchased at a florist," she said in an email.

"From seasonal choices to exotic orchids, flowers give a room life. Their presence makes even the most static room less serious and the humblest room becomes elevated. They have movement and their appeal is universal.

"Has anyone ever been heard saying, 'I don’t like flowers'?

"Being a life-long gardener, I’ve always been able to go to my own garden to harvest an armful of beautiful blooms and greens.

"Currently, I have an abundance of hydrangeas. They make excellent cut flowers, are easy to arrange and are very long lasting.

"So, head out to your garden, local florist or farmers market and get a bouquet to suit your mood," she said.


Mark Taylor, Mark Taylor Interiors

Interior designer Mark Taylor is also a big believer in bringing fresh flowers into a room, along with living plants and artwork.

Taylor, who decorated the sun room at last spring's 20th Decorators’ Show House – the Palmer Centennial House on Lincoln Parkway –  brought in a variety of real plants, including orchids.

Plants, he said at the time, provide oxygen, texture, beauty and smell.

Mark Taylor, who decorated the sun room at last spring's 20th Decorators’ Show House, brought in lots of plants, including orchids, as finishing touches. (Sharon Cantillon/News file photo)

This week, in a phone call, he echoed that as well as highlighting a few other "finishing touches."

"I would say definitely artwork, living plants and fresh flowers. I'm not a big accessories guy – I don't tell someone to place this vase on that shelf. I'm more about using things that you have and you love and selecting artwork that brings in color or something that really makes the walls stand out," he said.

"Green plants and fresh flowers on the coffee table finish off a room beautifully," he added.

Ferns and fiddle-leaf figs are two of his favorite plants. As for flowers, you don't have to buy a big expensive bouquet, he said.

It can be flowers and greens from your yard – hostas in the summer, branches in the fall, evergreen boughs at Christmastime, he said.

Or go to a farmers market and buy seasonal flowers, he added.

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