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Letter: Williamson offers America real choice

It is regrettable that not all candidates will participate in tonight’s debate. Definitive choices need to be made - but that moment is not yet now. Now is the time to flesh out ideas, to remain open, to listen.

There is one voice not in the next debate that merits a(nother) chance to be heard – Marianne Williamson. While many will, and have, written her off as too “far out,” hopelessly idealistic, lacking real experience, I would simply ask that one listen to her describe the problems facing our nation. She goes to the heart of an issue and asks that we address the root causes – be it some form of reparation for our history of racial injustice, health care solutions that look beyond treatment to the cause and prevention of disease, the need to reconnect to nature that the climate crisis reveals, or that the violence plaguing our society and the world must be dealt with by strategies for lasting peace and not just the suppression of violence. By no means a single issue candidate, she does however offer a single prescription – “go deep.”

So, even if one doesn’t, or can’t, see Marianne as a truly viable candidate – is it possible to support the unique probe and lens that she brings to this critical election and our national debate? Healing the gaping divisions within our country will likely depend on the kind of questioning and holistic solutions that Marianne is courageously advocating. We need her 20/20 vision.

Kerry Mitchell


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