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Letter: Trump’s constant raft of lies proves him untrustworthy

We have been conditioned to accept lies. There are two main contributors to the bombardment of lies onto the American people. First and foremost is the subtle but constant lies, misstatements and half-lies of advertisement.

The people of the United States have accepted the obvious and subtle lies presented to them for hours and hours each and every day.

This has had an effect on us. We have come to accept lies if they are interpreted as an advertisement or branding. Since, everything President Trump does is on behalf of his “brand,” then have we been preconditioned not to apply the consequential negative understanding of a lie to him?

The second major area contributing to the acceptance of lies by the people of the United States is the mantra, all politicians lie, as if we don’t.

It seems to infer that they lie all the time and we cannot believe anything that they say. This is just not true. They do lie, but their words are examined all the time, ours are not. Perhaps they are people, not saints.

I’m not saying we should turn a blind eye to them, I’m saying we need to separate the wheat from the chaff. We need to identify the outliers, like Trump.

Trump is not normal in any way. He is especially reluctant to examine the truth. We should not rationalize his constant betrayal of the truth as being representative of all politicians or of all people.

Truth is the foundation of a democracy. We must start ensuring that advertisements are truthful and not misleading of their product. This is very important, because this sets a pattern in our brains for an unfiltered recognition of information under a grouping labeled ads.

Unfortunately, lying in advertising has been delegated to a committee under the Federal Trade Commission (truth in advertising: i.e., health care) using the most egregious offenders to monitor themselves.

Next, we must identify and hold the speakers of constant lies, as untrustworthy, especially if we can detect a pattern of provable lies. Trump is untrustworthy.

John Brandenberger


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