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Letter: Withholding donations is not the right answer

A gentleman wants Catholics to withhold money from Catholic Charities in protest, due to predatory priests. I don’t understand how hurting the poor in Western New York by withholding my donation would help change history or in any way change this situation.

I doubled my contribution.

Also suggested was withholding money from your parish. My parish is a life-saving community to me. Strong vibrant parishes, strong parish life have enriched Western New York in so many ways. Some church communities are still going strong for over the last 50 to 100 years. I’ve made sure my donation has stayed steady.

Yes, certainly do the necessary purging of some priests who it seems, don’t even believe in God. But go back to your church where 98 percent of priests are truly holy and hard-working men. Pray, work and donate.

Positive actions will turn this around not negative ones.

Sharon Maccarone


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