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Letter: We must face our hypocrisy, otherwise perish from result

Denial is not just a river in Egypt. No truer words capture the spirit of America in the 21st century. With all the gifts that America has and all the universities and schools of theology and ethics we still cannot see clearly.

The Buffalo News is still filled with stories about the president doing this and doing that and yet he still is president. Denial. Churches are protecting themselves from fair legal charges, so that sexual criminals can escape punishment. Denial. Sexual predators in the entertainment industry and business, strut the world and postpone any jail time. Denial.

The world and the United States is awash with opioids, meth, heroin, nicotine and alcohol, and we look the other way and sometimes celebrate the opening of more bars. Denial.

People of color are battered and bruised at our borders, and small children are washed ashore in Europe and we look the other way. Bullets rip the skin and bones of our children and we still publish letters and articles that irrationally support the killing. Denial. Temperatures skyrocket and wildfires relentlessly burn and we still deny. We are truly the land of the ethically blind. Denial.

Billions of sentient animals are killed and we buy small packages of cellophane covered meats. Denial. An article in The News states that the kill line for pigs should be sped up. And many cancers and other diseases are related to our poor eating habits. Fried Oreos are served at county fairs and we wonder why heart disease and diabetes are all the rage. Denial.

And as a person in my 70s I can remember when the Lord said, eat, drink and be merry for that is the most important commandment. There is always another bar, casino or festival to go to; these are truly what we want to be known for: dead children, higher and higher walls and burned meat.

This is what my parents and your parents want us to become. Those who deny and die.

Joseph Yonder


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