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Letter: Trump does not deserve to stay nation’s leader

Donald Trump’s detractors have received criticism for being overly critical and attacking him simply because he is a conservative (though he’s not a real one). But it’s not about politics when it comes to Trump. Being left or right does not change the moral dilemma of supporting or not supporting Trump.

Trump lies at a level that is shocking, even for a politician. He is racist and bigoted and a braggart. He takes responsibility for things he never did.

He has no sympathy or empathy for anyone but himself, claiming victimhood constantly, and has zero negotiating skills; no ability to bring consensus and can only use threats to get people to move to his position.

He is lazy and incompetent and has never accomplished anything as president that wasn’t handed to him. His childishness is almost laughable. Trump is just plain mean – a sad individual.

So, it’s not about politics. Unlike his two predecessors, Barack Obama and George W. Bush, who were flawed, but good men, Trump does not deserve the office of the presidency.

Dale Reeck


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