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Letter: The church needs support during troubled times

This past year we have been sadly informed of the horrific abuses committed by several clergy in the Diocese of Buffalo over the past 50 years. This has shaken the Catholic Church to its very core.

Hopefully, the victims are being heard, treated with compassion, counseled and compensated in a loving and fair manner. Their abuse will never be forgotten the remainder of their lives. An evil entered the church and is trying to destroy it from within.

We cannot allow a bastion of faith and spirituality to be destroyed.

I have worked with several priests over the past 30 or more years and have known the vast majority of them to be faithful to their vocation and work tirelessly for the spiritual well-being of the many people they serve, and it is shocking to me to have these heinous crimes exposed.

I also feel that as the saying goes, “Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.” We must pray for not only the victims and their families but for the many good priests who are suffering greatly as a result.

To hurt the whole of Catholicism makes no sense. The recent cases are being properly addressed. To not contribute in the collection basket will cause the lights to be turned off and the many parishes to suffer and flounder. Our dedicated priests, along with the faithful laity ministers, work day and night to feed the hungry, visit the sick, bring comfort to the suffering and lonely. Masses of Christian burial, the sacrament of matrimony and many other apostolic works, such as the work of Catholic Charities, would cease.

If anything, we must support our dedicated priests and let them know of our support. We can and should renew the church.

Janet Corda


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