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Letter: Buffalo VA is sorely lacking when it comes to treatment

Veterans’ express health services including PTSD are inadequate at the Buffalo VA Medical Center. One states her discharge without adequate ambulatory support from orthopedic surgery resulted with her collapsing. A combat veteran from Iraq requested transportation to the Rochester VA medical center from me in a desperate attempt to receive adequate care for his post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms.

PTSD symptoms, and service-connected disabilities our nation has agreed to provide adequate health care for with our tax dollars are not urgent; nor highly regarded, but the results are drastic: 33 suicides a day.

Virginia has agreed to offer her name and experiences. I offer some disturbing highlights.

The clinic Virginia attends for her service-connected disability is the clinic that has captivated national attention for jeopardizing veterans’ health.

One incident: for three months she vomited blood with no physician appointment scheduled though in 2016 President Trump signed into federal law that a veteran is to see a physician within 30 days, which a high administrator office told her was not law only a “guideline.”

I witnessed Virginia’s attempt for admission to our VA Medical Center emergency room.

Virginia sat for hours and was not provided a gurney when she couldn’t. The emergency waiting room is small, overwhelmingly hot, with no circulating air therefore veterans sat on the floor outside in the hallway.

A veteran was expressing that PTSD flashbacks were occurring three times and was ignored until the veteran cited federal law. No psychiatric personnel/counselor was summoned.

I have sent written account of this happening to our federal representatives. Virginia’s friends and I have organized a GoFundMe appeal to offset the costs of continuing damage and financially debilitating results. Please investigate further

Reverend William C. Webb


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