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Letter: A U.S.-India alliance benefits both countries

The Buffalo News’ Another Voice article (Aug. 31) suggesting that India become a U.S. ally in the face of China becoming a competitor is inspiring and likely to benefit America as well as India in the near future.

Today, the U.S. under President Trump’s administration is the dominant force in the world economy, followed by China, and India is expected to become the third, by 2030.

In both the U.S. and India, freedom of religion, free speech and a free press have become the hallmark achievements of true democracy. A strong U.S.-India alliance in the world economy can be immensely important to the U.S. in the face of daunting competition from China, which is trying to dominate the world economy.

India’s best talent has been pouring into for decades to mingle with America’s best in the fields of medicine, education, science, business, health care and more.

The U.S., on the other hand, is the top exporter of goods and services to India in the fields of modern technology, particularly in space science. The latest launching of a spaceship to the moon, Chandrayana, is a coordinated venture between the U.S. and India.

A U.S.-India alliance is invaluable not only to each other, but also to the rest of the world’s survival, particularly under the domain of rogue dictators.

Henry Crasta


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