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Letter: Doing business with China has been disastrous for U.S.

Throughout this year, The News has printed quite a few articles disparaging President Trump on the so-called “trade war” with the Peoples Republic of China. We have read over and over how farmers and consumers are the victims due to tariffs placed on goods coming from China, while the president wants corporations to bring back the manufacturing jobs that went to China after they were allowed to join the World Trade Organization.

What has been lost in this discussion is the question of how the United States allowed a repressive dictatorship to become our largest trading partner. China is not our friend nor our ally, and they have proved it over and over by their actions to expand their influence by whatever means their government and their military is willing to do.

Their military has modernized using the very Western technology they sought and was eagerly given to them by U.S. and western corporations, only seeing the profits they could gain, while the Communist government has built a passive yet efficient surveillance network to keep the Chinese people under the watchful eye of the government.

And as we have seen, the hope of Bill Clinton in 1990 when he pushed for granting China permanent normal trade relations, which allowed China to join the WTO, that the Chinese government would open up and allow more freedom for their citizens was misplaced Chairman Xi has put himself in place as the absolute leader of the CCP..

The time to stand up for whatever democratic principles this country has stood up for in place of a mad rush for profit is almost past.

The damage done to the manufacturing sector of the U.S. has been severe and a disaster for communities that saw industry as well as support businesses close, replaced by empty buildings and economic hardship.

Turning a blind eye to the dictatorship ruling China, and stating what happens there is none of our business, is a foolish and short-sighted attitude that has come back to haunt the U.S. economically and politically.

Clay Varga


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