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Poloncarz follows Dixon with new campaign ad

First, Republican candidate Lynne M. Dixon kicked off political season by airing her initial ads for county executive early this week.

Beginning Saturday, Democratic incumbent Mark C. Poloncarz will follow with a 30-second spot touting his credentials for a third term.

It all leads to one conclusion — the Dixon-Poloncarz contest is now officially underway, with lots more ads, debates, and campaign appearances to come before Election Day on Nov. 5.

Poloncarz debuts an ad titled “Mark Poloncarz Works for You” on broadcast television slated for Saturday and Sunday, according to campaign manager Jennifer L. Hibit. The $3,000 initial purchase (with more buys slated for later) highlights a Poloncarz message that Hibit said emphasizes “accomplishment.”

“It talks about the accomplishments and all the great things done for Erie County under Mark Poloncarz,” she said. “If you like the direction the county is going, then he’s your guy.”

Like Dixon, the initial Poloncarz effort fits the “warm and fuzzy” genre as the county executive is depicted in casual settings talking to constituents. Many are portrayed as working people while a voice-over emphasizes that the county executive “works just as hard as you do.” Texts appearing in the commercial inform viewers that Poloncarz exhibits progress on repairing county roads and parks, themes that Dixon is expected to challenge during the campaign.

The spot also touts increases in jobs with no hike in county taxes.

“It’s about solid, stable leadership that gets results,” she said, “while lowering county taxes and debt to move the county forward.”

Dixon, the Hamburg county legislator and Independence member running with GOP support, debuted her first ad on Monday. Her campaign touted it as a sign of her campaign’s financial strength and ability to compete against an entrenched incumbent. Her campaign said the initial foray into broadcast and cable television emphasized that Dixon “cares about the right ideas,” is “doing the right things,” and is “here to listen.”

Both campaigns continue to raise funds needed to pay for the broadcast ads and other expenses that are expected to push both efforts well into six figures. Dixon this week hosted a fundraising event in downtown Buffalo featuring Rep. Elise Stefanik of Saratoga County.

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