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Letter: License plate charge is another cash grab

Andrew Cuomo somehow feels that making New Yorkers purchase a new license plate at a cost of $25 is no big deal.

This fee is another cash grab by New York State and its never ending giveaways to everyone who comes to the state for its freebies. Let’s see how well received that $25 fee hits the average household, which may have more than one car. Let’s also not forget the $100-plus registration fee. Let’s also not forget those people who may have utility trailer, boat trailer, camper, etc.

Yes, this new fee may end up taking several hundred dollars from many households. And New York residents, you can rest assured, not a penny will be spent on those horse-and-buggy trails New York calls roads.

These taxes and fees will not stop. Not until you decide to elect people who have your checkbook and the ability of you to spend your money on things you want.

Just another note, why is it that the state of Pennsylvania only needs one plate on each vehicle, and its police seem to be able to do their jobs just fine? New Yorkers do yourself a big favor and move away.

Life is too short to enrich Cuomo and his minions.

Harvey Schwartzmeyer, Jr.

Coudersport, PA

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