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Letter: Josh Allen’s role as New Era ambassador snubs the region

How nice to read in the seven (rather 14) page spread on Josh Allen as he is touted as one of eight NFL players who serve as “ambassadors” for New Era Cap.

They still have their name on the football stadium (for millions of dollars) while their local, and original factory has likely already moved their main factory from Derby to I’ve forgotten where and their token mandatory U.S.-made hats (for MLB) to Florida.

Being a spokesman for New Era is like consorting with your adversary who has taken all local jobs and shoved the union workers in the face … probably with pitiful severance and minimal benefits.

Some worked at New Era in Derby for 35 years … the one where all the major sports leagues caps were made.

Management chose to call it a “brand” now rather than a product. Only their “product” is now being made in another country. (Forgot which one, it happens so often).

What an honor for Josh Allen to “honor” New Era who has hurt this community with impunity, the same community that has hired Josh on their pro football team. It’s a disgrace and another callous blow to Western New York.

Andrea Lingenfelter


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