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Letter: Tourists in Niagara Falls need more to draw them in

The News’ “Help for the Falls” editorial provided insight on New York State’s revitalization initiative but contrary to the article, “There’s little reason for anyone to make a point of traveling Main Street in Niagara Falls,” a reason was missed.

At a New York State campground north of Niagara Falls there are hundreds of weekly out-of-state and international tourists who travel on the Niagara Scenic Parkway south that drops them off and has them travel 2 miles on “dreary Main Street.” For most of these tourists it is an initial gateway to Niagara Falls.

Let’s continue on the right track with the revitalization initiative to change the landscape and create a positive, economical, visible development. Before the tourist sees the beautiful natural landscape that the powerful Niagara Falls has to offer, provide them with a renewed, refurbished classical, seasoned architectural city.

Joseph Britton


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