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Letter: Ruling will deny care to some immigrant children

Every magician knows that the secret to a successful magic trick is distraction. They want you to look at the beautiful assistant, or the strobe lights, while they perform their sleight of hand.

Our latest national distraction is the proposed purchase of Greenland and its 57,000 citizens. While we laugh at the latest zaniness out of Washington, more serious things are occurring behind the curtain.

There is a provision in our immigration laws that allows an undocumented immigrant to stay here if they have a child with a life-threatening illness which cannot be treated in their country of origin.

Since its inception, approximately 1,000 families have applied for this exemption, with 20 families currently under its provisions.

While we were mesmerized by the latest sleight of hand, the government has notified the 20 families involved that the exemption is being terminated and they have 33 days to leave the country or face deportation.

Unless the courts decide to intervene, the result will likely be a death sentence for the children involved because they will be unable to receive the life-saving care in their home countries that they received in the United States.

To no one’s surprise, this is the same government that is unwilling to protect our own children from any madman with a military-style assault rifle so they are essentially telling these 20 immigrant families that the lives of their children are irrelevant.

In 2016, the political catch phrase was “Make America great again.” Perhaps in 2020 the new phrase should be “Make America sane and humane again.”

Paul Bojanowski


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