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Letter: Trump’s incompetency knows no bounds

Here we go again! Another of our dangerously unfit “leader’s” insouciant edicts which will have adverse consequences just like all his others.

His tariffs are creating worldwide economic chaos, his ignorance on climate change has the scientific community baffled as it continues to negatively affect ecosystems everywhere, his overt racist views have instilled fear and trepidation among the populace as they try to comprehend the reasons behind race related violence (according to this week’s Time Magazine there have been 250 mass shootings in the first 220 days of this year alone,) his complete lack of empathy and understanding on any subject matter is astounding and lastly his sadistic approach to anyone or anything that confounds his egocentric personality is quite evident in his disingenuous tweets.

There is a natural order of things in the universe in that everything has finite boundaries, dimensions and limitations. However, one thing seems to have disprove that theory – Trump’s incompetency is boundlessly infinite.

Scott Patterson


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