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Letter: Trump isn’t perfect, but we need his policies

Recently, several writers have harshly criticized Christians for backing President Trump and calling any Christian who backs him a hypocrite for doing so.

Trump is not a perfect human being – as are none of us – but here is the reality: In 2020, every legal, American citizen of voting age will be faced with two – and only two – choices for president of the United States (unless a real third party candidate crops up, which seems unlikely).

Each person will need to examine the policies, programs and beliefs the two candidates offer and then decide which most closely aligns with their vision for America.

Neither of the candidates will have a set of beliefs, policies, and programs that perfectly match anyone’s desires, so who is a person – Christian or not – to back?

For me it’s the candidate that challenges the abortion on demand culture, sees less government control and regulation as better, opposes the disastrous self- centered “everything free for me” mentality (college, health care, etc.) and sees America as a land of opportunity for those who are legally here and who want to work and help themselves advance.

Tim Boser


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