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Letter: NFL teams must be shrewd in allocating their payroll

If there ever is anything new to be learned about the copycat National Football League, it’s where you invest your time and money. And let’s get rid of the term “salary cap.”

As anyone knows who has paid attention since the salary cap was instituted, it has been expanded every year. It’s a budget and no present owner can stay on it. Successful teams follow the model of not investing anything more that a draft choice on the following positions: Running back, wide receiver or defensive back.

The salary of all three of these positions is controlled by the league. Bonuses are up to the agents and owners.

With the advent of the spread offense being employed by every secondary school in the nation, receivers and defensive backs are being developed at a dime-a-dozen rate. Same goes for running backs.

Recycling is a common phrase used in today’s world and it should also be used in building your roster. Don’t fall in love with any of these three positions and for the sake of the game don’t overpay when the replacement is only a draft or two away.

Bill Krieger


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