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Letter: More men must honor parental responsbilities

A recent letter writer from Buffalo complains, rightfully, that too many men are not being held accountable for bringing children into the world. He posits “keep sex for procreation only,” which may reflect his values but as a practical matter is unenforceable and repressive. But his first point is right on.

I have been a community mental health counselor all of my adult life. I see first-hand the disadvantage for the children and their mothers and then society itself all begat by men who produce children but take no responsibility.

I’m not saying women and men must remain together as a family unit. But I am saying our civilization can and should expect men to be responsible for their prodigy starting with financial. It’s the single moms who do the heavy lifting of parenting This means sacrifice and that the child’s needs come first. And yes, some receive a helping hand from social services.

It’s not clear to me why such a readily evident cause of personal hardship, social problems and unfairness is ignored. I’d love to see even one higher office candidate raise this issue as a solvable problem and summon political courage and common sense support.

David Casassa


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