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Letter: Men must put a stop to spread of misogyny

The white supremacists and their ill deeds are a major topic, but one closely associated, seemingly ignored, doesn’t make the headlines. Study carefully the biography of these foul creatures and you will find that misogyny is a prominent feature in their makeup. Brutal behavior is meted out to wives, girlfriends and female family members.

Around the world, there is and has been an overwhelming denigration of women. There is the immolation of brides in India; the rape of women in African countries; and the repressive shariah law in the Middle East.

Lest we feel superior to all the foreign instances of abuse, be advised that misogyny is alive and well in the U.S. Look at our homegrown ultra-conservative politicians in their never-ending quest to deprive women of their right to equal wages and the ongoing campaign to deprive them of their right to decide how they will live their reproductive lives.

Even at our country’s founding, women were considered chattel, one cut above slavery. They could not own property and had to wait until 1920 for the right to vote, 240 years, to get equality with men.

The irony is overwhelming. Women are the best part of life. They are the mothers who bear, and nurture us into adulthood imbuing us with love and a value system that enables us to survive in the world; the teachers who inculcate us with the finest ideals; the wives and daughters who add color and texture to the fabric of life. And this is their reward? For many women domestic violence is a way of life.

Men are and have been the offenders. The Y-chromosome does not grant us that right. Women are more than our equals and they give more than they get. The solution lies with us men. It is incumbent upon us to teach our children, our boys, that women are of high value under God and the law.

Joseph Spina


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