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Letter: Means testing isn’t new for immigrants to U.S.

I respect Adam Zyglis’ work even though he is often one-sided. I have to speak up after the one of Liberty’s foot about to stomp President Trump’s adviser.

In my lifetime and before, people immigrating here had to be healthy or they were sometimes sent back to their country. They had to have means, (money) or people already here, relatives or sponsors, (often churches) to help them get started.

I knew a woman who, part of an immigrant family after World War II, came here when her husband had a job lined up to work for a farmer in the South. They lived in a cabin on his property. They fled their country with very little, had lost a child to illness in a refugee camp in Europe and were very poor.

Her husband had a time commitment with this job like an indentured servant, which is another way many people came here. When that time was served, they moved here and he worked for a manufacturing business. They did not burden taxpayers, they had pride and self-reliance. They contributed.

These rules are not new with President Trump, and they worked.

Christina Estes

North Tonawanda

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