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Letter: Malone proves himself unfit to serve as bishop

It is now more than abundantly clear that the current bishop of the Catholic Diocese is and has been unfit for the role.

Lies on top of lies covered up with pompous, insincere platitudes about sympathy Bishop Malone supposedly had for the victims has been revealed as nothing more than a pathetic attempt to retain his position.

In Malone’s own words we hear his only concern was for himself and his reputation. There was nothing in his recorded comments about the terrible damage these perverts parading as priests did to the church or its people.

The only concern was for the blow-back such revelations would have on the bishop and his tenure. We have Bishop Malone referring to an active pastor as a “ sick puppy” and doing nothing about it until it was too late to contain the PR damage. How many more body blows do the people of the Catholic Diocese of Buffalo have to sustain before it sees the end of this conspiracy by diocese officials to protect the clergy at all costs?

This has grown from a pedophile priests scandal to one that has rocked the very foundation of church and its credibility to be a moral force to the world. Its time for this and every bishop like him to resign.

Gary Rog


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