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Letter: Eliminate celibacy rule to fix Catholic Church

Replace the pope as well with a man or a woman who will encourage priests and nuns to marry and have children, because that is nature’s way. We need a pope who will encourage women to become priests as well. I am certain Jesus would approve.

The rule of celibacy in the Catholic Church has only caused sin and crime. It has offended not only the abused, but the priests themselves. The celibacy rule is unnatural and therefore should be terminated.

The Movement to Restore Trust program that the Catholic Church is promoting sounds as though it is a cover-up of the cover-up. It is strictly an avoidance technique and a stalling technique, because the hierarchy won’t admit or refuses to admit that the result of this 1,000-year-old institutionalized celibacy rule is so harmful.

What is so hard about admitting that the celibacy rule leads to sin and crime and that this coercive rule must be eliminated? Remember, confession is good for the soul.

Carl Hoepfinger


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