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Letter: Cyclists need to respect the concerns of motorists

The bicycle comes in all sizes and shapes. The bicycles of today are sleek lightweight machines that perform flawlessly on the many bike paths and public roadways.

The sport of bicycling for competition or just good old fashion exercise or relaxation is prevalent to everyone on just about a daily basis.

I suppose I can understand the unintended lack of cyclists’ etiquette when their passion is front and center. Unfortunately this euphoria could turn to tragedy.

I travel down Woodstock Avenue in the Town of Tonawanda every morning. On many occasions the vivid colors of these cyclists emerge from a distance ahead. It’s scary to watch the riders weave in and out of the roadways. Not single file, but two three abreast.

Drivers have no idea where or what these riders are thinking. I’ve cringed and held my breath on many occasions and wondered how no one has been seriously injured. I have driven by this one group in green colors traveling as slow as I could go countless times. I’m beginning to think they like playing dangerous games with traffic or they are simply arrogant and obnoxious and daring drivers to even come close to them.

I had two cyclists, not from the aforementioned group, riding side by side down the same street, come up behind me after I passed them, screaming and flailing their arms at me. Telling me I had no right to pass them. I have no idea why not.

I truly want them to enjoy their passion. I also want them to be safe. But please respect the many motorists that are stuck dealing with your indecisive and possible deadly actions.

Mark Neupert


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