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Letter: Future president’s needed to restore U.S. greatness

Future president’s needed to restore U.S. greatness

When a sane, competent leader finally returns to the White House, we can begin the long road to repair the extensive damage done to our nation. And it will be a long, painful and tedious process entailing an enormous amount of work to begin to right the incredible failings of what is surely a compromised American president.

He has managed to sully the office to a degree unseen in our history.

To those who say President Nixon was terrible for the United States, you are correct. But Nixon was not out to profit from his actions. Certainly not on the scale President Trump has achieved.

Nixon was not under the influence of a foreign power. Nixon was power-hungry but the power he sought was for his party. Trump’s actions, in comparison, make Nixon’s look like a high school prank. There were other presidents who committed crimes or, at the very least, were unscrupulous. But their misdeeds pale in comparison to those of this miscreant. The list is depressingly long.

Then, there are his enablers. Those who curry favor with him to promote their own agendas. And here, Sen. Mitch McConnell is in the forefront, packing not just the Supreme Court with regressive judges but district court judges whose only goal is to stifle the hard-fought rights that made America the envy of the world.

Today marks exactly 14 months until thinking Americans can begin to rebuild what used to be a country still looked upon with admiration and hope. Hope and change are not just words in a slogan. They represent the very tenets by which this country, until recently, was “great.”

Mark R. Hardy


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