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Letter: Don’t penalize the church for the actions of some

The Sunday Viewpoints writer was very emphatic on the scandal of priests. His solution is marriage and female priests.

The scandal involved pedophiles not priests needing sex. He has kept money from people who are in need, that is, Catholic Charities, and stopped donations to local churches that needs funds for paying the bills and functions of running a parish.

I guess I’m a Pollyanna. I go to church for the Mass and eucharist. The priests are intermediaries. The “bad” ones should be punished, and the hierarchy is making efforts of righting the wrongs moving forward.

Sin is sin. Forgiveness is forgiveness. If the writer needs to go elsewhere he should go where he is fulfilled. I praise God that I don’t feel the extreme anger and judgment of many Catholics.

In the meantime, the Catholic Church will survive as Christ promised and I will be there as long as I have life.

Ilona Klein

Orchard Park

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