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Buffalo in the '60s: KB Radio teaches hippie slang

In 2019, everyone knows what a hippie is – or at least has their own notion of what the word means.

In 1967, the word wasn’t quite as well-known but definitely connected to young people doing odd things on college campuses.

WKBW Radio is fondly remembered as the station mostly listened to by Buffalo’s young people in the late 1950s, '60s and '70s – but it was far and away Buffalo’s most popular radio station, period. With the exception of Clint Buehlman’s stranglehold on the morning hours on WBEN, WKBW had more listeners through most of those years than any other station.

The KB Yo-Yos basketball team included disc jockeys, from left, Stan Roberts, Dan Neaverth, Fred Klestine, Jeff Kaye and Rod Roddy.

This ad in a 1967 Buffalo Hockey Bisons program explained some of the far-out jive coming from America’s youth. It was clearly meant as a joke, but probably actually provided insight to more than one dad, sitting in the seats at the Aud, flipping through the program to find a Hershey Bears or Cleveland Barons roster.

Some of these phrases spent some time in the general American vernacular, but after 52 years most have fallen out of usage to the point where perhaps some website directed at teenagers today might want to republish the list so that they can better understand their grandparents.

UB students at a poetry festival in 1967.

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