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Letter: Wind turbines in Lake Erie may mark necessary change

The sooner we get off fossil fuels the more likely our chances of survival as a species will rise.

In a recent Another Voice column, Paul Michalec argues against wind turbines on Lake Erie. Reasons given are the contamination of drinking water, rises in electric rates and the loss of view.

We are up against the wall with global warming.

The disastrous effects are super huge, yet we go on with our lives like any interruption of what we have now and our finely tuned “habits” will be a catastrophe.

“Wouldn’t it be awful if we have to give up one of our three cars?” In a couple of decades, we will reap the “rewards” of our slow reaction to change. Yes, we may have to treat our water and have to pay more for power, but we are already paying for the costs of more storms, floods and fires all over the states. Our precious views are going to change, whether we want it or not.

These minor problems will look very small in the future. Nobody wants to change their ways, which have led to global warming, but it will change us whether we like if or not.

Ben Perrone


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