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Letter: Watson’s on target with barbs about Albany

Rod Watson did a fantastic job pointing out what we’ve all read for years in The Buffalo News. Namely, the power brokers in Albany have no clue what they are doing, and even better, do a fine job of placing that ability on display each and every day.

Start with the plastic ban law. Or the unintended results of the SAFE Act, and for a fine finish move on the State Education Department and the facial recognition fiasco.

Watson does us all proud as he details how the State Legislature must now backpedal on the very things they pushed through. Simply amazing.

But, the next day’s paper has our governor providing Niagara Falls with $10 million for Main Street in Niagara Falls. Our supreme leader goes on to say that he’s done more for upstate than any other governor. This begs the question: Why does the Falls even need assistance? How is it possible that the city has, in my 61 years, always looked second class to Canada?

Watson points out beautifully how our so-called leadership (and not just this administration but some many that came before) fails to actually lead, to think things through, to maybe have a trial run and see what the rest of the story is.

Vincent Morabito


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