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Letter: President’s spin is getting more outrageous each day

In the past couple of months, the president has mentioned that he will eliminate childhood cancer and find a cure for the AIDS epidemic.

He has mentioned very recently that he would like to buy Greenland. Then he tweeted that the Jews in Israel look at him as the second coming of Christ.

It is no surprise that he only sleeps for three or four hours per night. The rest of the time he is telling himself how wonderful he is, and concocting all these bizarre scenarios.

He should be thinking about taking care of the American people – the veterans who need proper care, the citizens who do not have clean drinking water, the farmers and factory workers who are suffering because he didn’t keep promises he made to them.

Take the $5 billion for the unneeded wall and put it to good use. The man is delusional and can no longer be taken seriously. Every time he speaks, he either complains about some individual or group of people.

A last thought – why doesn’t someone have the guts to pull the plug on his Twitter account? Every tweet he sends just makes him look more unpresidential.

William J. Belz Jr.


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