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Letter: New license plate fee is an Albany money grab

So it was announced that the DMV is going to come up with a newly designed license plate to replace our peeling license plates. And we the people get to pick the new design. Lucky us! And to replace our old peeling plates, we get to pay a $25 fee. And by the way, this is mandatory.

Seems like an Albany money grab to me.

Recent articles in most news outlets indicated that the company who is responsible for our peeling license plates, the vendor that is supplying them, is not paying to replace them. Can someone explain why not?

Currently, you can turn in your peeling plates for free. And get replacements. But actually, you the taxpayer is paying for them as the vendor is not. So now Albany is going to force us to replace these license plates, at the plate owners cost to the tune of $25 each, instead of making the vendor who supplied the defective plates pay for them.

I would run out and get mine done now, before I have to pay.

As memory serves, Kathy Hochul, back when she was Erie County clerk in 2008, made a name for herself by fighting Albany, and the governor at that time, Eliot Spitzer, to prevent motorists from across the state paying $129 million to replace license plates with a new design. That was $15.3 million in Erie County alone.

In any event, I wonder if Hochul will stand up again to Albany and make the plate supplier pay, and not taxpaying motorists?

Or is it in reality, just another Albany money grab?

Gary Swiatowy


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