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Letter: Legally getting a gun is not easy in New York

Although every state is different, legally obtaining a gun in our state is much harder than those on the uninformed left think, not to mention their total ignorance of the difference between automatic and semi-automatic pistols and long guns.

First, you must have a pistol permit, which New York State “may” grant you after taking a safety course and applying to the courts through the county clerk’s office. This process can take over a year in Erie County.

If successful, one can go to a gun store or other licensed firearm dealers and buy a gun, but you can’t have it … yet.

The buyer must go through a background check first, usually at the place of purchase, but you still can’t have it … yet.

Passing the background check merely gives you a piece of paper that you must take to the county pistol permit office along with a paid receipt for the gun so that it can be added to your permit. But you still can’t have it … yet.

Now you must take the coupon from the county pistol permit office along with your permit to the licensed gun dealer where you purchased the gun.

After presenting the paperwork, then, you can have it.

Potential criminals without pistol permits can find a willing seller, give them money and they can have it right then and there.

So, critics, get informed before you try to restrict law-abiding citizens from their rights.

Ronald Pokorski


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