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Letter: History proves Nixon a scornful president

Ignorance of history is not limited to one political side. A Trump critic lost all credibility in attempting to equate him with Hitler. Now a proponent argues that he is subject to opposition attacks that evoke those which, by the author’s estimation, were wrongfully directed at Richard Nixon. Nixon as a sympathetic figure?

In actions and words, Nixon revealed himself to be a paranoid personality with an overwhelming persecution complex. Beginning with his role in the Red Scare of the 50s, wherein for political gain he helped destroy the lives and reputations of countless loyal Americans, his actions were despicable.

During both his campaigns for president his operatives illegally harassed Democratic candidates and forged documents like the Canuck letter, all with the purpose of discrediting the stronger Democratic candidates so as to ensure that he ran against a weaker one. The Watergate break-in was just one in a long list of “dirty tricks” Nixon authorized.

Nixon also illegally used the IRS, CIA and FBI to investigate and harass those on his enemies list. He repeatedly lied and deceived the American people. He openly defied Congress and secretly/illegally extended the Vietnam war to Laos and Cambodia. Finally, he orchestrated the largest, longest and openly contemptuous obstruction of justice conspiracy in American history.

His words, as illustrated by the man’s own tapes, reveal Nixon to be a profane, vulgar, vile man. He was a sexist, a racist, misogynistic and at least 10 other -ists. He was virulently anti-Semitic. He was openly contemptuous of the American people and the members of Congress. His overriding motivation was spite. He kept a lifelong list of those who he felt had slighted him. Above all his actions and words revealed a petty, petty man. As justice was closing in, Nixon became delusional, convincing himself that he was above the law. If he, as president, did it, it was by definition legal.

Tom Conway


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