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Letter: Cuomo should check other states’ license plates rules

My family has had the good fortune to visit all the states in the continental United States, except Idaho.

Most states have no tollbooths, but a short distance from the state line, a clean, beautiful “Welcome Center.” Many of them are staffed by helpful people, if you have any questions.

Most states have replaced the archaic number system at the exits with mile markers from the state line.

The roads elsewhere are in much better shape than New York. There used to be six “Port-a-Potties” on the I-90 after you went through the tollbooths from Pennsylvania. Those are no longer there.

Now Mr. Wanna-Be-President wants to charge $45 to change my blue and white licenses plates, which are good as new. Maybe he should visit other governors and see how they manage.

Frederick Shear


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