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What He Said: Sean McDermott on Bills at end of preseason

Q: Brandon [Beane] said on the T.V. broadcast that Mitch [Morse] cleared concussion protocol. When did that happen and how is he progressing?

A: Yeah, I mean, he’s progressing well. Obviously he’s in the protocol. So that’s kind of a different bucket there. And I know he was happy when I saw him this afternoon that everything got clear.

Q: How happy are you? You never know how those things are going to go.

A: Yeah, obviously it’s good to have guys healthy. That’s been since the early part of training camp and it’s good to have him back and get him going here.

Q: So he got the news this afternoon, when he was cleared?

A: Sometime today, yeah.

Q: With Tyree [Jackson] it may not always look pretty, but the kid’s a gamer, isn’t he?

A: Yeah, we felt great for Tyree, UB product and it will be here, basically, his home turf. He lead us to a come from behind victory and we’re just excited for him. We’re excited for all those young  guys that were out there and what a reaction from the sideline. I had a hard time keeping the guys back, right. It just shows you the love that they have for one another. And the older guys understand what’s on the line for some of those younger guys out there. They played with great energy.

Q: Some of the dynamics have changed at defensive end since Mike Love was put on IR. Eddie [Yarborough]’s performance tonight. He was just scraping and clawing and making plays.

A: Yeah, great to see him make a couple of those plays. And the celebration, that’s a little bit unlike Eddie but I think he was just in the moment and it’s fun to watch. We’ve had Eddie since he was basically in his first year, if that’s what you want to call it. To watch him grow over the years, it’s been fun and he’s given us, he’s a warrior and he gives it all. He puts it on the line every week and every day in practice. So that’s why he got the results he got tonight.

Q: It’s the second straight year where you’ve had a fourth quarter comeback in the fourth preseason game. What is it about these games?

A: I think it’s a great indicator of the heart of our football team and the men in that locker room and how hard they play and the passion that they play with. That’s fun to watch. And again, the reaction on the sideline, those guys run over there. They were into the game, supporting the guys that are out there and it’s fun to watch. Listen, I know it’s preseason but to go 4-0, for the first time in franchise history, I believe, that says something about our guys and the way they battled and the coaches and the staff. It is preseason, I get that, but it’s good to go and do it at home as well with this type of win at the end.

Q: How excited are you to get to the regular season?

A: It’s good, it’s why we work. That’s why we do what we do. We’ve got a big challenge ahead of us this first week and we’ll get into that, but it’s a good football team and in a tough place to play. So, we’ve got a big week ahead of us in terms of preparation and putting the time in.

Q: You have some receivers who are playing right to the finish, here. Ray-Ray [McCloud III] and Duke [Williams] were out there tonight. Why did you keep them in until the end?

A: They’re all competing and again, these guys like to compete. Whether it’s the wide receiver position or any other position on our team. That’s what you saw out there. In addition to the heart, you saw a group of guys that love to compete. What stood out to me was some of the effort from the wide receivers, in terms of the run after catch and then [David] Sills making the play down there at the end, which was fun. I feel good for him, being able to make that catch, for a rookie to win the game is pretty cool.

Q: Did you like when Stephen [Hauschka] was cool as a cucumber out there tonight, not that he hasn’t done that before for so many years but it seems like the signing helped him a little bit.

A: Yeah, it was good to get a long kick in the preseason. We wanted to do that if we had the chance and the opportunity came up and we wanted to get him out there and give him a chance at a long field goal, in particular, at home and it’s a field he knows well and so it’s good to see him convert and I got a lot of confidence in Stephen.

Q: You worked on the main emphasis on the two minute offense since day one of OTAs. The headphones on the field, making sure everyone knows what they’re doing, how gratifying was it to see that group, at the two minute offense, at the end of the preseason do what they did?

A: Yeah, that’s a good situation we worked, the point style, just about every day at practice and it pays off. You see the guys keeping their poise, coaches on the sideline with headsets, everyone very calm. That’s what we hope for, that’s why we practice the way we do and see the guys execute. That was fun to watch.

Q: What did you think of him [Ray-Ray McCloud III]?

A: Some of last week, the one thing that stood out to me without watching the film but watching the play on the field was the run after catch and he showed that he wanted it and just in terms of his effort, his passion, his hunger, and he played with great desire last week and this week and that was good.

Q: How difficult is it now switching over to the tough decision making and making the cuts now?

A: Yeah, this is a tough time. We were just in the locker room and these guys put it out there, and they put it on the line to win like that and then have to say goodbye to almost half the team, that’s hard to do but that’s the business we’re in. But like I told the guys before the game, I told them they’re all winners and no matter what it is, weather they play football for one more night like tonight or ten more years, it’s been an honor to be around them and I think they’ll remember this game tonight for a long time.

Q: Do you feel like maybe your decisions this year are more difficult than past years?

A: Yeah, I think so but that’s what you want I mean if you’re building your roster the right way, that’s what you want. You want those tough decisions, you want people to be looking at your roster and instead of us looking at everyone else’s and saying we need this piece and that piece, and so we still do that, don’t get me wrong but you do feel better when there’s greater levels of competition and position battles and those guys have embraced that and that willingness to compete even though being teammates and I think you saw that in the preseason.

Q: Did you say anything to them during the fourth quarter?

A: What do you want me to say? No, I didn’t and like I said, Marcus is one of our offensive captains and to see Marcus come out and really give us that lift was awesome and then the way we handled the game from the game end stand point, I thought that was sound right there and good to have that experience.

Q: Specifically on the offensive line, how are you feeling about the positional flexibility?

A: Yeah, I mean that’s part of what we look for every position, the offensive line in this case or other positions. When we signed Micah [Hyde] and Jordan [Poyer] over the years, we get that position flexibility that they played different positions and so those turned out to be really good decisions and that’s key as we continue to move forward as a football team and grow and climb. That position flexibility is key in every position.

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