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Who needs Ruth Bader Ginsburg when you can bring in ... a bat?

Sure, the University at Buffalo Law School got national attention for hosting Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg on Monday.

So the department of romance languages and literatures brought in its own special guest:

A bat.

The department's official online discussion forum – "PLEASE do not reply to the list unless your message is of broad general interest to all subscribers" – this week had an alert that we would have written with more hyperventilating concern and a few extra exclamation points.

"There is a bat flying around in Room 930. We are redirecting classes this morning to 218 Clemens Hall until environmental safety comes and catches it. Thank you for your patience."

Maureen Jameson, an associate professor, posted on Facebook about the bat and speculated that it's her department's attempt to match the Ginsburg appearance ("Hold my beer!").

"The bat's whereabouts are unknown," Jameson told us.

One Facebook wag had a thought, given the building is named after Samuel L. Clemens.

"It's the ghost of Mark Twain," she wrote.

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