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Letter: Some zoo animals may have gone missing

Recently I had a wonderful experience, my wife and I ventured out to the Buffalo Zoo. It’s been at least 15 years since we’ve last been there. The grounds were meticulous; the bathrooms gleaming clean and the staff friendly and inviting.

The polar bear, gorilla exhibit and the lion compound were world class. The giraffes and rhinos as majestic as ever and the infusion of the dinosaurs on display made the experience even more fun.

My only disappointment was (and if my memory is not failing me) what happened to all the other animals? There were no chimps, no orangutans, no baboons, no spider monkeys, no Bengal tigers and no cheetahs, just to mention a few.

I know the small compounds of the past where the animals were housed were sadly inadequate, and maybe that is why we no longer have the beautiful creatures to view. Or maybe the zoo itself is too small, and the cost is too great.

But whatever the reason, let’s try to find a solution, let’s ask the state, city, county and even private enterprise to do more, and find a way to return these wonderful animals to the zoo, and keep this jewel in the heart of the city.

Thomas Jackson

West Seneca

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