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Letter: Forgiveness and belief will serve parishioners

To Kevin Koscielniak who wrote the Aug. 12 Another Voice, “Boycott’s needed to get attention of Buffalo Diocese,” I agree with you completely, when is enough, enough?

We all agree with you because abuse of any kind to anyone is unacceptable and mostly inexcusable. If I may ask you this, when does healing begin and forgiveness take over? You are asking us to give up something so close to our hearts, faith and belief. We all recognize the evil involved, especially with our children, but, why feed evil with more of the same?

We can’t do that exactly for the reason you want us to.

We love our church with all of our hearts and we practice what it preaches. Love and forgive, not easy to do, ever. But if we are to survive this horrible crisis in our church, we must be the faithful. We must all believe our faith will see all of us through this ugliness and heartache.

This is a time to ban together in hope and prayer for each other. Please think about what happens when you attend mass. It is all about God, not the priests.

It was never about the priests, whom we like or dislike, who live in sin and who doesn’t.

It is all about us, our hearts and our souls, never about the priest.

Margo Rizzo


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