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Torn-Down Tuesday: the corner grocer at Landon & Roehrer in the 1930s

Rather than park your SUV in a sea of hundreds of other SUVs and meander among hundreds of thousands of products, it wasn't all that long ago that just about every Buffalonian walked to corner to grab their groceries from the few hundred items being offered by a neighbor who not only knew their order by heart, but probably extended them credit, too.

In the 1890s, the building in this photograph — at the corner of Landon Street and Roehrer Avenue, only a block away from Humboldt Parkway and Humboldt Park — housed a druggist.

By 1903, Joseph Kipfer was giving out Victor’s Red, White & Blue stamps at his bakery/confectioner/tobacconist.

In the mid-1950s, when Humboldt Parkway was destroyed to become the Kensington Expressway, the neighborhood that sustained the corner grocery store was destroyed as well.

After the 1957 armed robbery of the store, owner Mrs. Margaret Belknap told Patrolman John Mustill and Lt. John Hartmeyer that she “was never so scared in her life.” It was the first of several robberies over the next few years, eventually forcing the closure of the store.

The City of Buffalo has owned what is now a long-vacant lot since at least 1973, but the building seen next door in the photo remains.

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