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DirecTV discounts may vary; good TV news for Syracuse fans

This is what I’m thinking:

Some DirecTV subscribers are a combination of skeptical and jealous of a reader who claimed the satellite service dropped his monthly bill by $50 because the service isn’t carrying WIVB-TV in a retransmission dispute.

Other readers have told me they were offered “only” a $10 monthly discount or a one-time only discount of $20.

However, the $50 man stands by his statement, adding he must have just been lucky.

He said his original bill of $115.84 was reduced to $66.85 after a reduction of $48.99.

He wrote in an email: “Just paid it. Sounds like when you call it is a roll of the dice. I must have rolled 7s!”

In any case, it is a good idea to call DirecTV to complain because whether you get $10, $20 or $50 off your monthly bill, it is better than nothing.

A DirecTV subscriber could use a $10 discount to almost buy two months of CBS All-Access at $5.99 a month in time to stream the Bills-Detroit preseason game Aug. 23 and all CBS prime-time programming until the dispute between CBS and Nexstar, WIVB's owner, is settled.

Good news for Syracuse University football and basketball fans. Spectrum cable has announced it made a deal to carry the new ACC Network debuting next Thursday on its Select Tier without a cost increase. It is part of a new distribution deal with Disney’s streaming services, that includes Hulu and Disney plus.

Syracuse is a member of the ACC.

According to a release, the new ACC Network (ACCN) is expected “to carry approximately 450 live contests including 40 regular-season football games, 150 men’s and women’s basketball games, and more than 200 other regular-season competitions and tournament games from across the conference’s 27 sponsored sports will be televised annually, plus a complement of news and information shows and original programming.”

All the games on the ACCN will also be available on the ESPN app to authenticated pay-TV subscribers.

The ACCN previously announced that DirecTV and Verizon's Fios will carry the new network.

Oakland Coach Jon Gruden to third-string quarterback Nathan Peterman on Tuesday night’s episode of HBO’s “Hard Knocks” after telling him he is “too nice”: “Be a little more like me. Be a little bit of a jerk. There must be something that (ticks) you off.”

ESPN repeated the exchange during its coverage of Oakland’s 33-26 victory over Arizona on Thursday night in which Peterman completed all eight short passes he threw in the second half.

In the same game, former University at Buffalo quarterback Drew Anderson threw a touchdown pass for Arizona on the final play of the game. Anderson transferred to Murray State after starting his career at UB.


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