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Letter: Dems should revisit history before lodging accusations

Political arguments plod uphill when participants won’t recognize misquotes of opponents by their guy, or remember the past. Citing the old example of “locker” room talk by Donald Trump, while I never liked this particular type of profanity, we’re all surrounded by it.

Bill Clinton’s long association with Jeffrey Epstein, the Juanita Broaddrick incident and others do stand out for those aware. Pictures of Clinton meeting with Chinese generals running through papers in Europe and Canada but not appearing in American media before published in a book are something to scratch our heads over.

The late Gov. Mario Cuomo and the late Sen. Pat Moynihan expressed deep misgivings about the Arkansas crew showing up at the convention that year but knew when to shut up.

Our last president slipped cash billions to Iranian mullahs warnings about American recon troops landing to Libyan leaders, preached Saul Alinsky and rubbed elbows with Louis Farrakhan. Lyndon Baines Johnson deliberately upscaled the Vietnam involvement and made a rights movement about social “benefits” with some colorful quotes, all for domestic power politics.

The party that ran Tammany Hall still runs impoverished one-party high-crime centers around the country today and boasts the greatest concentration of off-the-wall lefties ever to see the major league in this country.

Maybe they should give their fingers a rest from pointing.

Dan Hoffman


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