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Letter: Americans must be open to accepting opposing views

After two more heinous acts of human destruction some clamor for gun control while others point to mental illness and video games. Thoughts and prayers, thoughts and prayers, thoughts and prayers. We might as well face the facts. We live in a violent and divided country. The Second Amendment is sacrosanct.

Entertainment titillates us with gratuitous amounts of blood and death. The government ceded mental health care to the pharmaceutical industry a long time ago. Tolerance, empathy and kindness have given way to fear, loathing and ignorance. Each side pontificates their perspective by mimicking the shallow and often false pronouncements spewed by their favorite talking head. If you disagree you are castigated.

Your intelligence, patriotism and God-fearing credentials are immediately stomped upon. I’m always right and you’re always wrong. You make me so angry because you don’t agree with me. Your thoughts are completely illegitimate. Your presence on the planet is a total affront to my pursuit of happiness. Let’s just flip a coin, choose up sides and get after it.

Early odds makers will favor the team with all the fire power. Those playing the long game will lay their wagers on the peace makers. Any way you cut it, it’s a lose-lose proposition. I fear that’s where we are headed if we don’t turn toward each other with open arms, hearts and minds.

Joe Sullivan


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