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What He Said: Sean McDermott on Munnerlyn, injuries and more

Buffalo Bills Head Coach Sean McDermott

Sunday, August 11, 2019

Sean McDermott: Good morning, we will go ahead and get started. Just to give you an update on the injuries and guys that will be out today, Mitch Morse and Conor McDermott are both in the protocol. Russell Bodine, Dawson Knox, Corey Thompson, Senorise Perry and Tyler Kroft. Jason Croom will practice in a limited fashion today. Just within the last hour or two here, we released Vlad [Vladimir] Ducasse and we are in the process of signing a defensive end. With that I will open it up to your questions.

Q: What does Captain Munnerlyn bring to the defensive end?

A: It’s been a few years now since the last time we worked together but what I remember is the competitiveness, the toughness, he’s obviously played in the system before so he has some familiarity with our system both inside the slot and out at corner. We will see how he does and how he progresses here, he’s been out of it for a little bit so he has to be put back in shape.

Q: Do you think he is going to be your nickelback in the outside corner?

A: We’ll see, that’s where he played probably more so in the course of the past four of five years. Again, we just want to get him acclimated to what we do and his new surroundings, new teammates and we will take it one day at a time.

Q: What do you see when you see film of Captain and how similar is your defense here as to what he has been accustomed to in Carolina?

A: With defense, I like to believe it evolves every year and stays current with the trends and what not. That said, there’s a core that is probably about the same as to what he knew back when we worked together in Carolina. Like I said before, in respect to Captain, the things that jump out even when we watched him play on TV last year maybe was the competitiveness and all that hasn’t changed. I think that’s in his DNA.

Q: Captain posted a picture of you two together saying “let’s get it coach.” Are you excited about your relationship going back to how it was in Carolina?

A: Hopefully that was a good picture. We’ve stayed in touch and in this job players come and go, coaches come and go and that’s the hard part of the job. The satisfying parts of the job are moments like that where you can stay in touch with players. It’s gratifying as a coach. In this case where I moved on to here from some of the players that I coached at Carolina and Philadelphia, my two previous stops and that’s the neat part about it, the relationships that you are able to form over the year. It’s neat that now we are with Kurt [Coleman] and some of the other players. It doesn’t always happen for it to come back full circle to where we can work together again but it’s satisfying.

Q: What is it going to be like going back to Wofford and being on the other side of training camp?

A: It will be nice and a great opportunity to see some old friends. It was a place that helped me in so many ways with great people and a great organization. Wofford is a neat campus, very similar to St. John Fisher in terms of the pride that they take in what they do down there. That said, we have work to do and that’s why we are going down there. I’m interested to watch and I’m excited to watch our team grow through this experience.

Q: How do you have to prepare for it to be in the 90’s both days? Is that already something you started to do?

A: Yes we have. We’ve met as an organization, different departments, making sure we are on top of that. It’s not any surprise to us. The heat is real down there so we want to make sure we are out in front of it.

Q: What are Thompson and Perry dealing with?

A: Thompson has a groin and Perry is still dealing with an ankle.

Q: What do you think you are getting in Ryan Bates and what led you guys to make that?

A: We’ve been a little bit banged up at that position and it always seems like injuries kind of pile up at one or two positions and that’s the situation this year. He was a young player that we knew with the draft just this last year. I know where he is from, I’m familiar with that area and he’s certainly a guy who can move a little bit and the rest we will get a better feel for starting today.

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