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Letter: Congresswoman embraces anti-Semitism in rhetoric

There are elements in the Democratic Party that stridently defend the right to criticize the State of Israel and support a boycott of all things “Zionist.” What is disturbing is that a new congresswoman, herself a refugee from terror, cannot distinguish between her First Amendment rights and a dangerous anti-Jewish demagogy.

For someone who did not likely know, or even meet, a Jew in her native land, she has absorbed all the bitterness and determination of a lifelong anti-Semite. In this, she is no different from many who emigrate from lands where such narrow-mindedness is regularly taught. Like many others, she cannot differentiate between someone who is Israeli and someone who is a Jew, thus believing anti-Zionism is a political and not a religious call to arms, with the result that the threats and acts of violence escalate and in our community in Western New York, my synagogue (and others) sadly now must retain armed guards during hours of worship.

One may only hope that a planned trip to Israel will allow her to see the only multi-racial and multi-cultural society in the Middle East, and one of the few that exist in the world. Let her visit Mahmoud Abbas’ Palestine too, and question why that government and society is unwilling to let Jews live within its borders and tolerates the persecution of its Christian Arab minority.

Lawrence Ross


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