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Letter: Collins’ wind turbine claims hope to stop renewable energy

Chris Collins foolishly claims that the proposed Lake Erie wind turbines are “devastating” to border security. Collins had a similarly ignorant quote about the Lighthouse Wind Project, claiming the project would negatively affect the Niagara Falls Air Force Base. That lie was refuted outright by the base commander.

If our comprehensive, expensive radar security system is so very fragile that it can be compromised by a few shadows of windmills on Lake Erie, as Collins claimed … then we indeed have the wrong system.

Our leading defense officials understand the threats posed by global warming; they comprehend the national security risks posed by changing climate. Military leadership always is consulted on solar and wind projects. In fact, a growing number of U.S. military bases are fully dependent on renewable energy systems because it just makes sense. Don’t fall for Collins’ false claims of “very little oversight” because siting requirements for wind turbines are exhaustive.

Collins evidently will do and say anything to stop wind energy progress. Why? What’s to gain from stopping clean, renewable energy projects? We may never know … but it’s easy to wonder whether Collins has friends in Big Oil places.

Joseph N. Weiss, Ph.D.


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