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Editorial: Milch's trade secret; a golfer clears the Falls; libraries are cool

Buffalo native and Nichols School graduate David Milch, the accomplished TV writer and producer, was honored last Saturday night in Beverly Hills by the Television Critics Association.

The News’ Alan Pergament relayed Milch’s prepared remarks, delivered as he accepted the association’s Lifetime Achievement Award. Milch decided to reveal what he called a “dirty secret” from show business: “We care deeply what critics think,” he said. “Hence, this honor is very special.”

His industry colleagues will no doubt forgive Milch for the revelation. The 74-year-old creator of “Deadwood” and a driving force behind “Hill Street Blues” and “NYPD Blue,” revealed in April that he is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

Will Milch’s admission about paying attention to reviews inspire a trend? What’s next, a world in which politicians own up to caring about their media coverage? Sports figures admitting they read stories about themselves? We’ll all have self-driving cars before that world arrives.


Most amateur golfers tense up when trying to drive their ball anywhere near water. Not Maurice Allen. The 2018 world long drive champion just conquered the planet’s most famous water hazard when he drove a golf ball over Niagara Falls.

Allen blasted a fall from the Canadian side over to the U.S., where it made a dry landing. The shot over the Horseshoe Falls demands a carry of 343 yards; Allen’s ball was said to travel 15 yards farther on the fly.

Pro golfer John Daly had tried the feat in 2005 and came up short.

Allen’s achievement is documented in a three-part web series called “Is It Driveable,” which can be seen on the YouTube channel of Skratch, a golf-related digital media company.

For mere mortals who play the game, water hazards are a great source of stress.

The famous sports columnist Jim Murray described it this way: “I’m gambling that when we get into the next life, Saint Peter will look at us and ask, ‘Golfer?’ And when we nod, he will step aside and say, ‘Go right in; you’ve suffered enough.’ One warning, if you do go in and the first thing you see is a par 3 surrounded by water, it ain’t heaven.”


The Buffalo and Erie County Central Library is having a moment thanks to an Instagram post from Buffalo resident Marisa Miosi gushing over her discovery of the library’s resources, which was playfully saluted in a tweet by stand-up comic Maddy Smith, a Clarence native who went to school with Miosi.

TV host Chrissy Teigen retweeted Smith’s post, sharing it with her 11.4 million Twitter followers.

We’d like to point Ms. Miosi to the Mark Twain room at the Central Library. We think she’ll find his books somewhat amusing.

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