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Torn-Down Tuesday: Were Sattler’s ads inspiration for Mighty Taco's placemats?

As a result of the most successful marketing campaign in the history of Buffalo, even 35 years after the store closed, a majority of Buffalonians can tell you the address of Sattler’s headquarters department store.

The fantastic building filled with savings on just about anything you could imagine – the one most of us remember at 998 Broadway – was opened in 1947, but the story stretches back another half century.

John G. Sattler bought a closeout lot of shoes and opened a shoe store in his mother’s living room at 992 Broadway in 1889.

By the 1920s, it was known all around Buffalo that the best bargain on a pair of shoes was to be had at Sattler’s 998 Broadway shoe store.

In the coming decades, Sattler’s would become known for seemingly impossible bargains, eye-catching newspaper ads, and of course that famous 998 Broadway jingle.

But in 1925, Sattler was just getting his feet wet in the world of memorable advertising.

The ad below, which ran in Buffalo’s daily Polish newspaper, Dziennik Dla Wszystkich, shows a drawing of Broadway that looks like it could appear on one of the dozens of Mighty Taco placemats designed by James Gillan and Chas Abbott over the last 40 years.

On the right is the old Broadway Market and on the left is the pre-renovation Sattler’s. In the middle are the streetcars that took people from all over Buffalo to 998 until 1950 – when the ceremonial last ride of Buffalo’s streetcar service ended in the spot on Broadway between the market and Sattler’s.


Broadway Market, left, during the final run of Buffalo's streetcars in 1950. (Buffalo Stories archives)


Torn-Down Tuesday: Sattler’s at 998 Broadway

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