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Lowe's uses Northland for new YouTube video

Coming soon to a new YouTube video from Lowe's: Buffalo's Northland Corridor.

The national home improvement retailer selected the Northland Workforce Training Center as a backdrop for a recent production shoot, in coordination with German power tool maker Bosch Group.

The training center, located at 683 Northland Ave., does not necessarily use the Bosch tools in its labs, but the site "was a great backdrop to what we were looking to film," said Beth Donovan, who produced the video for Lowe's. "They were simply our location."

In fact, the video was filmed in a smaller building at the site that is still being renovated for a future tenant, Donovan said.

Neither Donovan nor Lowe's would describe the content of the video until it is posted online, but Donovan said it's aimed at professional contractors, not the do-it-yourself crowd. She said Lowe's originally sought a length of five to 10 minutes.

Donovan is senior vice president of dPost, a full-service design, production and postproduction company founded by her husband in 2000 and based in downtown Buffalo. The firm produces broadcast commercials and online content for banking, health care, manufacturing and retail clients, as well as corporate awareness pieces and even some music videos. It shot the Goo Goo Dolls' video for the group's hit song "So Alive" at the Central Terminal.

Lowe's was looking for new production partners across the country and one of dPost's 13 full-time employees formerly worked with a member of the Lowe's marketing team, facilitating the connection, she said.

After being approved, dPost scouted for "appropriate locations" and linked the North Carolina retail chain with city officials and private construction firms to identify options. That led to the Buffalo Urban Development Corp., the quasi-city agency that owns and runs Northland.

Amy Allison, a spokeswoman for Lowe's, said the training center "provided the ideal aesthetic, given the context of the shoot," but declined to elaborate.

The video is currently in the editing and postproduction stage, and still has to be approved by both Lowe's and Bosch, so Donovan said it's not certain when it will go live, although she said she hopes "in the next few weeks."

It's dPost's first project with Lowe's, but it might not be the only one. "They were very pleased with everything we were able to put forth, including access to the Northland center as our backdrop," Donovan said. "We’re hopeful that this might be the start of a continuous relationship with them, and more projects will come our way."

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